What You Need To Know About Septic Tank Services

Septic tanks are underground compartments made of concrete, plastic, or fiberglass material. They can hold a maximum range of 4000 and 7500 liters between the inlet section and the septic drainage part. In its utilization, it allows domestic sewage to flow through it for primary treatment. The term ‘septic’ in this case means a conditioned area with anaerobic bacteria that allows mineralization of waste matter discharged into the tank. Additionally, the septic tank works with other units found onsite for treating the waste water, such as aerobic systems and bio-filters.

The working of the septic tank system

The septic tank system constitutes a basic onsite sewage plant, mostly used in the rural areas due to lack of connectivity to a sewerage system. The pipe connections mainly require a T pipe. The pipe allows the liquid waste to flow in and out of the pipe without any disruptions to the surface of the ground.

In the modern era, there are further modifications in its design. There are two chambers that have a manhole cover, each separated by a wall. They also have openings found at the middle of the area between the crust of the surface and the tank’s roof. The wastewater that flows into the first compartment allows the solid matter to settle and the scum to float.

The solid waste is anaerobically digested, thus reducing its volume. Further treatment occurs in the second chamber, followed by removal of the excess liquid into the septic drain area. Once the liquid matter is treated, it is disposed in a septic drain section that allows further treatment. Nevertheless, groundwater pollution may occur, and this may pose a problem.

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The efficiency in treatment of the waste matter should be moderate. It allows anaerobic processes to reduce the solid materials. It is important to remove the build-up of materials occasionally. This is because the decomposition process of the unwanted materials can be slow.

Factors to consider during installation of a septic tank system

Most septic services east northport ny professionals provide such as the installation of this system requires a percolation test to ensure that the soil in the drain area is porous. A network of pipes is often placed in a trench filled with stones called a weeping tile. It helps in distribution of wastewater in the entire field. This is facilitated by the numerous drainage holes in the piping network. The volume of the wastewater determines the space occupied by the drain area.

The septic tanks require a technology that minimizes nitrogen compounds in its water pathways. This prevents the liquid from the system from having algal blooms, which may further contaminate the water bodies.

The septic system also works by gravity that includes a lift pump. A properly designed system is usually without any odor and requires periodic emptying and inspection with minimal maintenance. It can last for about 50 years. The septic services east Northport NY have advised that it is necessary to have your tank emptied by an expert at least once within a span of three years. This will not only be good for your system, but also to you and your loved ones.