Quick Answer: Is Circle K Easy Pay Safe?

Is Easy Pay Safe?

Sparklight Easy Pay is a safe, simple way to save time, money and frustration.

And best of all, it’s FREE.

Automatic deduction authorizes payment directly from your checking, savings or credit card account.

You will continue to get a statement so you have a record of your charges and payments..

What is Easy Pay at Circle K gas stations?

Easy Pay is FREE to join and offers a safe payment experience combined with discounts at-the-pump. New members save 30¢ per gallon for the first 100 gallons and then continue to save 6¢ per gallon every day thereafter. Plus you’ll earn Easy Rewards points toward Circle K Cash on purchases in-store and at-the-pump.

Does Circle K hold your first check?

No. You get paid hrs depending on when you start in pay period.

Where can I pay with Easy Pay?

EasyPay payments can also be made at Pick `n Pay stores nationally, selected Engen Quick Shops via 24-hour TranZact kiosks (bank cards only), selected Spar outlets; Foodworld, Saveworld and Hypersavers stores.

How much cash back can you get at Circle K?

At Circle K, you can get as little as $0.01 and as much as $40 cash back when you pay with a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover debit card at checkout.

Is there a gas card that can only be used for gas?

Co-branded or gas only Gas cards generally are issued in two versions: gas-only branded cards, which you can only use at that station, or co-branded cards that are a Visa or MasterCard and can be used almost anywhere. Unless you’re willing to pay an annual fee, rewards are limited to discounts on the cost of gas.

What is EZPay?

EZPay is our convenient automated payment plan. Through EZPay, your trip payment installments come directly out of the bank account or debit card you authorize us to use. With EZPay, you never have to worry about missing any monthly payments and incurring late penalties.

How do I get a Circle K gas card?

Activating your EASY REWARDS is fast and easyGet the card and download the app. The card is free and available at your local Circle K.Enroll. Register the app or online – JOIN NOW.Link. You will link the card or your keytag to your loyalty account in the app or online.Confirm. … Enjoy the benefits!

Is Easy Pay at Circle K?

When you enroll in Easy Pay, you’ll start saving 30 cents per gallon! … To start saving today, head to Circle K and pick up an Easy Pay card. Then, securely connect your new Easy Pay card to your bank account on the Circle K mobile app.

Does Circle K have a gas credit card?

Fuel Anywhere The Circle K Universal Fleet Card is also accepted at over 95% of U.S. gas stations—45,000 service locations, too.

How does Shell Easy Pay Work?

Using the Pay at Pump service within the Shell app you just simply:Enter and confirm the pump number from the comfort of your vehicle.Using Apple Pay, Android Pay or PayPal, select your payment of choice to pay for your fuel quickly without queuing up in store.Wait for the ‘Start Fuelling’ message to appear.More items…

What day of the week do Circle K employees get paid?

ThursdayThe company pays biweekly, or every other week, on Thursday. You can choose either direct deposit or a pay card. Training is paid, though it will be on a pay card regardless. You get paid weekly here.

Why does it take 3 weeks to get paid?

Most payroll companies require a 3 day lead time or so. So most companies have a week or so delay between the end of the pay period and payday. … The first week is the new pay period you started in, so you don’t get paid because that payday is for days you weren’t there.

How do I use my Circle K gas card?

A: Log into your account online and request a pin change or call Customer Service at 1-855-276-6088. Q: Where can the Easy Pay card be used? A: Only at participating Circle K locations. Use it to pay for fuel and receive a discounted price rollback every day on every fuel purchase.

How does a stored value card work?

A stored value card, or gift card, is a type of electronic bank debit card. Stored value cards have a specific dollar value pre-loaded to them. … Cards issued by card networks (such as a Visa gift card) can be used anywhere that accepts general use credit cards.

Can I use Google pay at Circle K?

I ended up emailing Circle K corporate about the issue and they said that Circle K corporate does not explicitly prohibit use of the contactless payment such as Apple Pay/Samsung Pay/Google Pay, but allows at the franchisees discretion to deny contactless payment if the franchisee is uncomfortable with the use of the …

Do Circle K get paid weekly or biweekly?

Bi-weekly. Circle K employees get paid every other Tuesday. The use of a comdata card unless you want direct deposit. You get their card until direct deposit takes effect.