Quick Answer: Can I Pass ACCA With Self Study?

How do I pass ACCA in first attempt?

1) Plan ACCA Revision Early This means you’ll be much more likely to pass ACCA on your first attempt if you leave plenty of time for revision.

Make a sensible, flexible study calendar well in advance so you can ensure you cover everything you need to cover, and have time to truly understand what you’ve learned..

Is ACCA f8 difficult?

ACCA Audit and Assurance (formerly F8) often feels very alien to students, but it’s not as difficult as you think. A lot of students don’t pass Audit and Assurance the first time, but that’s because they approach the paper in the wrong way. … Read on if you want to know how to pass ACCA F8.

Which degree is best for ACCA?

The BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting is available exclusively to ACCA students and offers a cost-effective way to obtain an undergraduate degree. That’s because the ACCA Qualification Applied Knowledge and Applied skills exams are considered equal to bachelor degree level.

What is the ACCA pass mark?

50%In order to pass the ACCA foundation level exam you must score a mark of 50% or more – which is more than capable with the right preparation.

Which ACCA exams are the easiest?

As such, from the below table, it can be inferred that F1 (Accountant in Business) is the easiest paper with highest pass rate of 85% in June 2019, while P7 (Advanced Audit and Assurance) is the toughest paper with lowest pass rate of 30% in March 2019.

Is ACCA exam tough?

Some people say it is very hard and others have no issues. At the end of the day, you will have some difficulty with the papers as the get more difficult during the testing phase. Accounting is not an easy subject and the ACCA is trying to expose you to various scenarios in finance and accounting.

How many ACCA exams can you take in one sitting?

Students are allowed to take a maximum of 4 exams during each exam cycle across a maximum of 8 distinct exams over the course of a calendar year.

What is the pass rate for ACCA?

Pass rates announced for ACCA’s March 2020 exam sittingACCA QualificationPass rateFM – Financial Management44%AA – Audit and Assurance36%Strategic Professional – EssentialsSBL – Strategic Business Leader47%19 more rows

How many times can you fail ACCA?

If you fail you can attempt as much times until you pass. There is a 10 year timeframe in which you must finish exam though.

Can an average student pass ACCA?

In each attempt a vast number of ACCA candidates fail to succeed in their exams. Roughly speaking, on average only 40% to 50% of the candidates successfully pass their examinations.

Can I finish ACCA in 2 years?

A full-time student who wants to complete all ACCA exam papers starting from F1, technically, can complete in only 1.5 years with a maximum of 8 papers per year (Total 13 papers). On average it would take 2.5 to 3 years.

How many hours of study is required for ACCA?

In total, the examinations are 5300 learning hours and take on average between 3 and 4 years to complete.

Can you pass ACCA with OpenTuition?

(Opentuition notes) + (lectures) + (Loads of practice of exam questions from a revision kit) = all you need to pass any ACCA exam.

Is ACCA harder than degree?

ACCA and Accounting Degree, which is more difficult? An accounting degree is easier than ACCA due to a gradual progression of difficulty throughout the 3 years of study.

What is the hardest ACCA exam?

Which were the hardest papers at this September’s ACCA exam sitting? SBR and PM stand out as the hard papers this September, according to Open Tuition’s latest poll.

Is ACCA very tough?

The ACCA course material isn’t easy, sure. It’s professional accounting – it’s not meant to be easy. But it isn’t incredibly difficult. … Like any professional qualification, the ACCA is a big time commitment, especially if you’re working.

Can I do Masters after ACCA?

After completing ACCA one of the best options you have is to go for an MBA Post Graduation degree in a top management institute of your choice. … You can give Common Admission Test (CAT) which is a All India Exam for students who want to do MBA and is common for all institutes providing MBA course.

Is doing ACCA worth it?

ACCA is worth doing if you want a career in accounting and Finance. … ACCA requires students to have experience in the field. So if you can start early, you will have benefit of applying what you study in the working environment.