Question: How Do I Turn On Notifications For Certain Contacts?

How do I turn on notifications for one contact?

ProcedureOpen Android Messages.Tap the contact that has this icon displayed.Tap the three stacked dots in the upper right-hand corner.Tap People & options.Tap Notifications to toggle on and off..

Why don’t I get a notification when a certain person texts me?

Your phone may not be on “Do Not Disturb,” but that conversation is – it’s a separate setting from your phone’s “Do Not Disturb” setting. Just go into that conversation -> Details -> toggle the Do Not Disturb switch and you should have your notifications back.

Can you turn notifications on for one person on TikTok?

User-specific notifications First, you need to open the TikTok app and then go to the profile section by tapping on the profile icon in the bottom-right corner of the app screen. Here, in the profile section, you will the number of people you are following under the ‘following’ option. Tap on this ‘following’ option.

How do I turn on notifications for a contact on my Iphone?

Here are the steps: Open the Messages app and select the conversation for which you want to turn on Do Not Disturb. Tap the arrow next to the contact’s name you’d like to put on Do Not Disturb. Tap on info.